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I have had reflexology in many different settings and I have to say that Liz Castle is the best!

Mrs A.B. Bradford on Avon

I've been having reflexology treatment with Liz for about 5 years now. I first started going just to find out what it was and whether I liked it. After just 10-15 minutes I was hooked. Liz made me feel all cosy and at ease in her special chair and with the soft music and light conversation I was soon enjoying one of her amazing foot massages and forgetting all about the stresses of the day. So of course I kept going back!

I always find I sleep really well after a treatment and if I was suffering with any back pain or bowel issues beforehand it feels relieved afterwards. I've also recently experienced a facial reflexology treatment. I wasn't sure what I'd think but I loved it! I hadn't realised how much tension builds up in your face muscles. It left me feeling more relaxed than ever and thoroughly recommend it to anyone wanting some extra special tlc.

With her sunny disposition always shining through and her nursing background Liz makes the perfect practitioner and friend.
Mrs P, Melksham

The reflexology treatment is very thorough and, after many questions about general health, the hands on treatment is very enjoyable and leaves a wonderful feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. The reflexologist is able to ascertain areas which need special attention, thereby relieving problems. I thoroughly recommend this!
Mrs R, Bath

Dear Liz, Thank you for the lovely treatment. I felt great and had a very good night's sleep.
Mrs S, Chippenham

My health and emotional well being have been transformed by regular reflexology treatments from Liz.
I highly recommend this treatment for anyone suffering from an irregular menstrual cycle or gall stones.
Miss M, Frome

Following my reflexology treatment on Monday morning our baby was born last Tuesday evening. Contractions started in the middle of the night. Who knows... It could have been the reflexology!  😁  (And even if it wasn't, it felt absolutely amazing!)
Mrs W, Melksham

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